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By moving forward with the application you ensure that you have read and approved 24Money Agent General terms and conditions. As a 24Money Agent you will receive a 24Money Corporate account at no additional cost. By applying to become a 24Money Agent you ensure that you have read and approved 24Money account General and special terms and conditions and our prices.

Become 24Money Agent

Offer payment and cash services

24Money offers the broadest range of cash services on the market today including all of the most frequently used banking related services. Our prices are market competitive and management of services easy.

As 24Money Agent you can offer your customers secure and affordable banking related services and cash services such as bill payment over the counter in your store. Your opening hours and our low prices will make you a popular neighbor.

We handle all costs associated with marketing and materials, allowing you to increase your service offering, attract new customers to your store and increase your revenue without making any investments of your own.

Secure and easy to manage

Our services are designed to take as little of your time and resources as possible to manage. They are easy to grasp and use and easy to manage. We offer online administration of services, training and manuals and provide marketing and signage material in addition to rules and regulations.

This is included

We offer you

  • Brand and concept
  • Street signs and flags
  • Printed matters like brochures and posters
  • Our service offering
  • Discount on 24Money services
  • 24Money Corporate account
  • Local and national marketing


    Contact us

    Call us at +46 (0)10 150 1600 or send an email to

    Office hours Customer service is open Mon-Thu 9:30 to 3:00 p.m. Closed for lunch between 12:00 to 1:00 p.m.

    Post address 24Money Payments AB (Publ) Box 2078, 750 02 Uppsala

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