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Important message.

Latest update 2018-01-24:
Right now, unfortunately, we do not have anything to add about what is happening to 24Money Spar and all of the customers' money that were embezzled from the company. The Swedish Economic Crime Authority (Sw. Ekobrottsmyndigheten) and the police are currently working on the case. The following information is still relevant. We hope to have some new information that we can share with you soon.
Thank you for your understanding and patience, we hope this will be resolved as soon as possible!
The management of 24Money Spar
Dear customers and savers,
On Friday August 18, seven employees were suspended with immediate effect from their services at 24Money. There are suspicions that funds have been displaced from the company. The seven employees that have been suspended are members of the same family – the Clewehielm family. Henric Clewehielm is one of the founders of the company 24Money, which means that the Clewehielm family has had control over the company since the beginning. Our investigation has shown that this family kept the access to the BillSource AB account to themselves. We do know that they treat all the funds in the BillSource account as their personal wallet, which means that they are spending the money as they please with no justification. They are the ones who still have access to the customer’s money in the BillSource account.
The following people are all those who are the co-conspirators in the grand fraud of the client deposit funds:
 Henric Clewehielm     661117-****   Mastermind Svartbäcksgatan 21 E (Uppsala)  070-230 94 45
Thina Clewehielm     651210-**** Wife of Henric Svartbäcksgatan 21 E (Uppsala)  073-885 10 10
Christopher Clewehielm     870406-**** Son of Henric Eddagatan 4 A LGH 1001 (Uppsala) 073-704 46 26
Alexander Clewehielm     880504-**** Son of Henric Vaksalagatan 24 D (Uppsala) 076-213 05 43
Nathalie Clewehielm     900928-**** Daughter of Henric Svartbäcksgatan 21 D (Uppsala)  073-899 74 98
Oliver Clewehielm     930913-**** Son of Henric Svartbäcksgatan 21 E (Uppsala)
Yvonne Butendorff     541217-**** Henrics syster Kamomillgatan 26 LGH 1104 (Uppsala) 018-25 83 45
Anders Blomkvist     620804-**** Used by Henric as a false CEO Johannesbäcksgatan 36 A LGH 1301 (Uppsala) 070-312 28 80
Mattias Ahlberg     740617-**** Former partner of Henric Bockfjällsvägen 6 (Spånga) 070-289 47 34  
      Mattias Ahlberg was previously the CEO of 24Money Spar and he’s now the current CEO and board member of BillSource AB. Christopher Clewehielm was previously a deputy board member for BillSource AB and resigned in the end of August 2017. Henric Clewehielm is and has been involved in many different companies.
We have also found out that Henric Clewehielm has changed his name several times. Henric Clewehiem was born with the name Niklas Henrik Johansson. He then changed his name to Niklas Henric Clewehjelm. After being involved in the Stockhouse scandal (a company that went bankrupt in the nineties where customers lost millions and Henric was sentenced for economic crimes), Henric took the surname Guteskiöld. After his involvement with Acme Associates, where depositors lost upwards of 100 million SEK, Henric took the surname Clewehielm. We know that they are all one and the same person as they share the same social insurance number.
We have been able to calculate that between 2009 and 2017 the family was paid 27,433,000 SEK (not including taxes and pension payments. Including taxes and pension payments it comes up to over 40 million SEK of the customer’s money). This is the amount that went into their pockets as salary during this time period, in addition to several million SEK in “expense accounts”.  
The family’s business with 24Money was run as a Ponzi scheme – the family was bleeding the company dry with their salaries and expense accounts and at the same time they offered depositors high interest rates of return on their deposited funds, while never having any underlying investments to generate those returns. They simply paid out withdrawals with new depositor's funds (or funds from shareholder contributions).
We hope that the police and the Swedish Economic Crime Authority (Sw. Ekobrottsmyndigheten) will at the end of their investigation arrest and punish these people for what they have done, and for all all the damages they have done to the shareholders and to all the customers.
The family and their accomplices:

Henric Clewehielm:


Henric & Thina Clewehielm:


Thina Clewehielm:


Christopher Clewehielm:


Alexander Clewehielm:


Nathalie Clewehielm:


Oliver Clewehielm:


Anders Blomkvist:


Mattias Ahlberg;

Here are some websites and articles with information about this family:
Several articles here describe the bankruptcy of Acme Associates – that there were several question marks regarding who owned the company, who was responsible for the bankruptcy, what happened to the depositors’ money. Henric Clewehielm was one of the partners of the company Acme, but back then he called himself Henric Guteskiöld.
In this article you can read that a ”Person living in Uppsala that was previously convicted of serious economic crimes has been identified as a driving force in the company” Acme Associates. Hundreds of people loaned a total of 90 million SEK to Acme and their money was in danger. When Acme went bankrupt, the savers in the company lost their money.
The market manager of Acme was a “39-year-old person living in Uppsala who was the mandator of the Stockhouse entanglement in Uppsala. He was in 1991 sentenced to a ban on business activity/trading prohibition and two years of prison for a breach of trust.” This 39-year-old person living in Uppsala is Henric Clewehielm. He was in the nineties convicted for economic crimes connected to Stockhouse and when this article was written (in August 2006) Henric was 39 years old since he is born in November 1966. In the Stockhouse entanglement, hundreds of people invested 34 million SEK in real estate business and they lost their money on this.
The article also mentions that ”In the beginning of the nineties, the 39-year-old [Henric Clewehielm] also appeared in connection to the so-called Uppsala mafia”, which also refers to Henric Clewehielm. You can also read that “Officially, the 39-year-old [Henric Clewehielm] has had a secluded role in the companies that are part of the Acme sphere. However, the man’s wife [Thina Clewehielm] has has a more prominent role in the Acme comapnies’ boards.” In another article you can read that Thina Clewehielm (then Guteskiöld) was a board member of Acme.
This article states that depositors can have lost 65 million SEK in Acme. “Behind the bankruptcy is a person former convicted of economic crimes”, and we know that this refers to Henric Clewehielm who was sentenced for economic crimes after the Stockhouse entanglement in the nineties. The article also points out Thina Guteskiöld (now Thina Clewehielm) as a board member of Acme. As previously mentioned, there was a preliminary investigation done in relation to Acme going bankrupt, but after 4 years this investigation was closed.
In this article you can read about a man that calls himself Erik who lent 350 000 SEK to Acme Associates AB and he was afraid that his money had been lost. He was assured that his money was protected by insurances, but it turned out that this was not true. He was promised to get back nearly 400 000 SEK but this payment never happened. He was ripped off and robbed of his money, and reported this to the Swedish Economic Crime Authority (Sw. Ekobrottsmyndigheten).
When the company Acme Associates went bankrupt, nearly 120 depositors lost up to 27 million SEK.
The Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Sw. Försäkringskassan) sued Henric Clewehielm (then Guteskiöld) saying that he received sick pay under false pretenses. He took a sick leave in 2006 shortly before his finance company Acme went bankrupt, and according to the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Sw. Försäkringskassan) he reported incorrect information about the income. The Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Sw. Försäkringskassan) said that Henric received sick pay from August 31 to October 22 in 2006 based on incorrect information about the income, so they in 2007 demanded that he paid back the wrongly paid sick pay. Henric didn’t appeal their decision, but the article states that he fought the demand in the district court. He claimed that he had done nothing wrong and shouldn’t have to pay. He stated that an assistant sent the wrong information to the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Sw. Försäkringskassan) and that it wasn’t his fault. But he said that he didn’t appeal the decision by the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Sw. Försäkringskassan) because he still felt bad after the bankruptcy of Acme and he didn’t want to fight about the money. However, he claimed that this was being portrayed as a wrong payment and that he knowingly gave the wrong information, and he did not accept that and that’s why he wanted the decision to be tried in court.
In the end, the article mentions that after Acme Associates went bankrupt in 2006, there was a preliminary investigation for a suspicion of crime, but this investigation was closed without action in 2010.
This is a decision from the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Sw. Finansinspektionen) about a withdrawal of permission, and on p.15 it mentions that Henric and Thina have changed their name from Guteskiöld to Johansson.
This was written in relation to a scam or something similar with SMS Guld, for which Christopher Clewehielm was the CEO. The posts #9 and #12 by “superfluent” have information about Henric Clewehielm and his changing of his name.
This person has written very detailed about the history of Henric Clewehielm. He mentions all of Henric’s different names and in what years he’s changed them, and the writer also mentions that Henric has been suspected of serious fraud, but that the preliminary investigation was closed.
This blog mentions the crooked dealings of Acme before they went bankrupt. It also mentions that Henric Clewehielm (then Guteskiöld) was investigated for a crime during four years before the investigation was closed. Apparently, his wife Thina was also involved with Acme. It also mentions that Henric and Thina changed names from Guteskiöld to Johansson in 2006, and that they then changed names again to Clewehielm.
The previous names of Henric Clewehielm are mentioned here, and that there was a suspicion of crime related to Acme, but that nothing was proven and that the preliminary investigation by the Swedish Economic Crime Authority (Sw. Ekobrottsmyndigheten) was closed.
This article is talking about the “Acme family” and that they’re in business again after the finance company Acme went bankrupt.
This article mentions that Anders Blomkvist, Christopher Clewehielm, Henric Clewehielm, Mattias Ahlberg, Dan Tibring and Carl Armitage took over the operation of an inn together, showing that Henric, Christopher, Anders and Mattias know each other.
Carl Armitage is known as a big fraudster and has previously been known under the namnes Carl Vanderclou and Peder Sidensköld. His complete name is Carl Sigge Peder Sidensköld Vanderclou.
This article mentions Christopher Clewehielm, and him being the CEO of SMS Guld, and that a woman had to wait a very long time to get her money. She was promised her money by the company but they never came. Eventually she was paid, but it took a long time.
This article mentions someone who sold their silver to SMS Guld and never received her money.
This article mentions that a former gangster was working for SMS Guld. In the end it just mentions that the CEO is Christopher Clewehielm, that his dad (that is Henric Clewehielm) was a partner in the crashed finance company Acme, and that small savers lost 25 million SEK when the company when bankrupt, but that the prosecutor failed to prove the suspicions of serious fraud.
Apparently in 2013, “Tjock-Steffe” demanded 3,28 million crowns from the company 24Group – he felt that he hadn’t gotten back the investment he did in the company. The demand was reported to the police as a threat and extortion by Henric Clewehielm among others.

Here is the back-story to what has happened to 24Money during the years (what we know):
  • Henric Clewehielm is one of the founders of 24Money.
  • 2012: Fipaso AB, a company owned by Firoz, invested to receive 14% of the shares of the company 24Guld.
  • 2012-2014: A lot of evolution between companies took place – between 24Gold, 24Group, 24Exchange, 24Money International and eventually 24Money. Along the way, Fipaso kept on investing through loans and direct cash-infusions into the company (in the end the company settled for the name “24Money”).
  • Near the end of 2016 there were a lot of fights and arguments with the former directors of the company. The arguments were based on the fact that Fipaso’s shareholding had never been accurate. Fipaso found out that they were being cheated on their shareholding amount. It turned out that they had more percentage of shares than they initially were told – Fipaso now owned over 86% which gave them controlling rights of the company. This is when they decided to act on taking control of this company.
  • In April 2017, Fipaso’s owners started the application of becoming directors of the company and it took until June 2017 before it was rendered.
  • June 2017 is when Firoz and his team started doing some direct investigations into the company’s (24Money) operations and expenses. That’s when they started seeing what had been hidden from them by the former directors for many years.
  • Upon gaining access to this information, it became apparent that members of the previous mentioned family were stealing both the depositors’ money as well as the company’s money.
  • In July 2017, the new directors of the company waited for employees to come back from their vacation so that they could continue their investigation. Upon the first week of them coming back, the investigation continued.
  • At the end of August 2017, it was clear who was responsible for all the troubles with the company.
  • We know this as well - Thina and the family broke in to the office of 24Money and they accessed the bank account of 24Money Spar and transferred the company's funds to BillSource AB. They also paid their own salaries, of more than 265 000 SEK, plus the taxes of 165 000 SEK, with the  company's/customer's funds.
Since Monday August 21, 24Money has collaborated with the police and the Swedish Economic Crime Authority (Sw. Ekobrottsmyndigheten) to try to clarify the situation. The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Sw. Finansinspektionen) has also been informed of what has happened to the extent that the company is able to clarify it.
With regards to the investigation conducted by the Swedish Economic Crime Authority (Sw. Ekobrottsmyndigheten), we refer you to contact them as the company and its employees are not aware of the ongoing investigation.
The current handling of deposits and withdrawals to our customers' accounts is handled by an external party, the company BillSource AB. In connection to the suspension of employees, all contact between this company and 24Money ceased. 24Money has in vain sought the company BillSource and its representatives.
We are currently doing everything in our power to secure the funds that can be secured to ensure our customers' funds. We are also investigating our ability to take legal action against the parties involved.
We would like to encourage our customers to not pay any money to the bank numbers previously used for deposits to 24Money:
• Bankgiro 5573-0378
• Bankgiro 5904-9247
• Bankgiro 5953-9395
We of course want to regret what has happened.
We have continued our own investigation since August 21 and it has shown that the previously mentioned seven employees never gave the access to the BillSource AB account to the leadership of 24Money, that is the CEO and CFO. This means that the leadership of 24Money never had access to the customers' funds.
As mentioned, these employees have therefore been suspended with immediate effect and we are still investigating where the customers’ money went. The money is still mainly in BillSource and we have no access to that account. Most, if not all, client deposit funds are currently in the BillSource account.
We will continue our investigation and we hope to be able to present some good news to you soon.
Carlos H.
CEO, Agathon Services LLC  - The management of 24Money Spar